Chargé d’Affaires Elias Parra Remarks at the Closing Ceremony of Embassy’s Alumni-Led Leadership Training Based on Theory-U Method

My respects to:

Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, H.E. Mr. Abrao Saldanha

Good morning everyone,

In September, Ambassador Fitzpatrick had the honor of participating in the beginning of the Mission Driven Alumni Outreach program.  During the competition, we were both impressed with the vision and creativity that the teams displayed.  The teams developed truly inspiring ideas on how to make a better future for Timorese people. Those ideas included programs that create a healthier environment, a more vibrant economy and a better education for all Timorese. I would like to congratulate Igor Carvalho and his team for their winning proposal, and for the hard work they have put into implementing it over the past few months. Programs like this require the skills and creativity that make great leaders. You took the opportunity to empower other youth and give them the tools they need to make change.

I also want to congratulate the alumni mentors who helped guide this program.  Many thanks to Gabriela Leite Soares and Nelania Doutel Sarmento. Gabriela and Lania are two of the many individuals who are taking part in this event to develop the next generation of Timorese leaders. I applaud you for your dedication and support. I am proud that the U.S. embassy is involved in this training, because one of our goals is to empower youth around the world to step into leadership roles in their communities.  You may be young, but you are not the leaders of tomorrow…you are already leaders!  You are the leaders of today.

The Theory U training has helped build your leadership skills so that you can become even better leaders, reaching more people, and creating deeper change.  I look forward to seeing what you all do next.

Thank you all again for putting this program together and taking part. It really is inspiring to see so many youth focused on creating a bright future for themselves and their country.