Ambassador Stanton and Vice Minister of Health, Ana Isabel Soares launch USAID’s Hakbi’it Basic Health Services Project

group of peopleOn June 7th, Ambassador Stanton joined Vice Minister of Health, Ana Isabel Soares to launch USAID’s Hakbi’it Basic Health Services Project, known as “USAID’s Hakbi’it Project”. This $8.5 million, five-year project will strengthen institutional and human capacity to improve the lives of Timor-Leste’s citizens through increased capacity to deliver responsive services at both national and sub-national levels.

By the end of the project, the Ministry of Health will have improved its capability to provide continuing maternal, neonatal, and child health and family planning training and will increase medical providers’ adherence to governing protocols and standards.

The Covalima Municipality will become a model health municipality for Timor-Leste and an example for strong coordination with the national level through high-quality integrated services and community outreach, improved teamwork, micro-planning, and attention to problem solving and monitoring. The MOH will receive support in identifying and overcoming barriers to health service delivery and utilization, including difficulty of access due to long distances, stock-outs, lack of understanding regarding the need for care, lack of specialized services, and poorly skilled providers.