Exercise Crocodilo

group of peopleAt 1000 on 24 November 2015, a joint-combined force of F-FDTL Naval Component Fusilero, F-FDTL Land Component Soldiers and US Marines conducted an amphibious assault and cleared a Timorese seaside village harboring enemy insurgents. Albeit a training scenario utilizing blank ammunition, this bilateral military engagement between US Marines and the F-FDTL demonstrates the strong military to military relationship ties as well as the US commitment to partnering with the F-FDTL to build military capacity. In the weeklong military engagement activity, US Marines and F-FDTL focused on small unit leadership, tactics, mission planning and execution. Integrated teams of F-FDTL and US Marines participated in Exercise Crocodilo, an annual event which contributes to the defense professionalization and maritime security efforts in Timor-Leste. The Fusilero Company commander, Captain Pinto, remarked that the engagement helps tremendously in building the F-FDTL’s junior leadership skills and that shoulder-to-shoulder partnering with the US Marines contributes greatly to F-FDTL training.