Gleno Community Health Engagement

boat on the waterIn partnership with local authorities in Gleno, Municipality of Ermera, the Ministry of Health & F-FDTL, multinational staff from Pacific Partnership will join Timorese health workers to provide free health education and health services to the people of the region, on a first come, first serve basis from June 13-17 from 0930-1500 every day at the Gleno Community Health Center.

The following services are scheduled:

  • Surgical screening to include cleft palates, cataracts and hernia repairs
Dental extractions, cleanings, and fluoride treatment
Eye exams with glasses dispensed, as needed
  • Exams provided by dermatologists, internal medicine physicians, psychologists, pediatricians, and physical therapists
  • Brochures and information on proper nutrition will be available

IMPORTANT NOTE: Participants will be allowed to pick only one service (dental, optometry, or exam) per day. Participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis.