Harii Hamutuk Exercise 2016 Officially Ended

people walkingOn November 3rd, U.S. Ambassador Karen Stanton joined Japan Ambassador Yeiji Yamamoto, Australia Deputy Head of Mission Angela Robinson and F-FDTL Deputy Commander Filmeno Paixao at the closing ceremony of Harii Hamutuk 2016. F-FDTL Deputy Commander Paixao praised Exercise Harii Hamutuk 2016’s efforts to enhance F-FDTL’s engineering unit skills. Meanwhile, Ambassador Karen Stanton emphasized that Harii Hamutuk aims to strengthen the interoperability of partner countries’ abilities to respond to crises and natural disasters in the region. Harii Hamutuk 2016 involved military engineers from the F-FDTL, the United States, Australia and Japan from October 3rd to November 4th. In addition to completing infrastructure development projects at the Hera and Metinaro military bases, the combined force also built a new storage facility and water & sanitation system at the Metinaro health center.