U.S. Ambassador Kathleen M. Fitzpatrick Remarks to STEM Students at FINANTIL High School

My respect to Finantil High School director and SESIM coordinator Curt “Gabriel” Gabrielson. Good afternoon. Thank you for inviting me here today. I am proud to learn about your studies.

I know everyone here today cares about STEM education. That’s why you are here. The reasons are simple. We all know that STEM education is a key foundation for any country’s economic success, including for both the U.S. and Timor-Leste. As Timor-Leste’s economy diversifies, employers demand more skilled workers. Building these skills can be achieved through STEM education. STEM education unlocks a world of opportunities for women. Moreover, women involvement in STEM lays the foundation for a country’s prosperity.

Events like this one directly support that work. We at the U.S. Embassy are proud to highlight the importance of women in STEM. I look forward to seeing your classes and the work that you are doing. Thank you, obrigada barak.