Press Release: U.S. Navy-Supported KADABUNAK Health Clinic Refurbishment Complete

U.S. Navy-Supported KADABUNAK Health Clinic Refurbishment Complete



May 21, 2021 

For more information, contact Caleb Portnoy, Public Affairs Officer and Rosario Maia, Media Specialist, U.S. Embassy, Dili, Timor-Leste Tel: +670 332 4684, 77908209

 Suku Camea, 10 March 2021 –U.S. Ambassador to Timor-Leste Kevin Blackstone, Minister of Health Odete Belo, Dili Municipality President Gasper Soares and Suku Camea Chief Matos da Costa joined in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 21, 2021, to inaugurate the refurbished KADABUNAK Health Clinic located in Cristo Rei.  The refurbishment was made possible through funding from the U.S. Navy.  The upgrades, valued at $152,839, will benefit over 5,000 residents across five villages.  Ambassador Blackstone also recognized nine local Timorese contractors who contributed their expertise throughout the project.  The team constructed a pharmacy room, maternity consultation room, general consultation room, and laboratory room.  They also installed a new metal roof, floor tiles, a drop ceiling, windows, and a 5,000L water tank.

“I am so proud of the work being done through the partnership between the United States and Timor-Leste,” said U.S. Ambassador Kevin Blackstone. “As you know, the U.S. Navy is well known in Timor-Leste for the quality of schoolrooms and health clinics they have built over the last 10 years.  We are proud to combine the expertise of the U.S. Navy with the proven experience of local partner companies to expand health capacity in this region.  The professional Timorese local labor force truly put their hearts and souls into this project, working long hours even during the COVID-19 challenge to make sure this health clinic was completed both safely and with excellence.  We are pleased to make contributions to both the health of the community and the local economy.” 

 The U.S. Navy funded this project as part of the United States’ humanitarian support efforts and disaster response capacity building programs in Timor-Leste.